2.1. SIMP Community Edition (CE) 6.6.0

2.1.1. OS compatibility

This release is known to work with:

  • CentOS 7.0 2003 x86_64

  • CentOS 8.2 2004 x86_64

  • OEL 7.8 x86_64

  • OEL 8.2 x86_64

  • RHEL 7.8 x86_64

  • RHEL 8.2 x86_64 Important OS compatibility limitations EL6 support has been removed

EL6 is no longer supported by SIMP CE.

If you need support for EL6 systems, please consider purchasing commercial support.

2.1.2. Breaking Changes


2.1.3. Significant Updates EL8 SIMP Client Node Support

This release provides full support for both EL8 server and client systems.

One of the biggest changes was the deprecation of OpenLDAP in EL8.

SIMP has replaced the native LDAP capabilities with 389-DS.

Existing infrastructures will not be affected on upgrade but new environments will need to correctly configure their environment for the target LDAP server. Puppet 7 Support

All SIMP Puppet modules now work with both Puppet 6 and Puppet 7.

Puppet 5 support has been dropped due to end-of-life.

2.1.4. Security Announcements

2.1.5. RPM Updates Puppet RPMs

The following Puppet RPMs are packaged with the SIMP 6.6.0 ISOs:













2.1.6. Removed Puppet Modules

2.1.7. Fixed Bugs pupmod-simp-todo

  • TODO

2.1.8. New Features pupmod-simp-todo

  • TODO

2.1.9. Known Bugs and Limitations

Below are bugs and limitations known to affect this release. If you discover additional problems, please submit an issue to let use know. Special considerations with EL8 clients unpack_dvd does not (re-)create modular repos for EL8 dnf repos (SIMP-8614)

EL8 introduces modular package repositories. When unpacking an EL8 ISO to populate a yum repository, SIMP 6.6.0’s unpack_dvd script does not recognize or correctly package repository modules. Consequently, EL8 Puppet agents applying catalogs that require modular EL8 packages may encounter errors like the following:

Error: /Stage[main]/Simp_apache::Install/Package[httpd]/ensure: change from 'purged' to 'latest' failed: Could not update: Execution of '/usr/bin/dnf -d 0 -e 1 -y install httpd' returned 1: No available modular metadata for modular package 'httpd-2.4.37-21.module_el8.2.0+382+15b0afa8.x86_64', it cannot be installed on the system
Error: No available modular metadata for modular package