2.4. SIMP Community Edition (CE) 6.3.3-0


Please see the SIMP Community Edition (CE) 6.2.0-0 Changelog for general information, upgrade guidance, and compatibility notes.

This is a bug fix release in the 6.3.X series of SIMP to address the following issues:

2.4.1. Fixed Bugs pupmod-simp-sssd

  • Change the sssd::provider::ldap::ldap_access_order defaults to ['ppolicy','pwd_expire_policy_renew'] by default to prevent accidental system lockouts on upgrade.

2.4.2. Known Bugs Upgrading from previous SIMP 6.X versions

There are known issues when upgrading from Puppet 4 to Puppet 5. Make sure you read the Upgrading SIMP before attempting an upgrade. Tlog

Tlog currently has a bug where session information may not be logged. The immediate mitigation to this is the fact that pam_tty_audit is the primary mode of auditing with tlog and/or sudosh being in place for a better overall tracking and behavior analysis experience.

Tlog has a second bug where the application fails if a user does not have a TTY. This has been mitigated by the SIMP wrapper script simply bypassing tlog if a TTY is not present.