5.3.7. HOWTO Enable PuppetDB


Do not attempt to manage PuppetDB on Puppet Enterprise hosts!

As of SIMP 6.6.0, puppetdb is no longer enabled or managed by default.

Use the following YAML as a guide to the hiera settings required to enable the management of puppetdb.

# Include the puppetdb class
  - simp::puppetdb

## SIMP Required Settings

# Let pupmod::master::base handle this.
puppetdb::master::config::restart_puppet: false

# Set the PuppetDB port
puppetdb::master::config::puppetdb_port: 8139

## Optional Settings

# The version of PuppetDB that should be installed
puppetdb::globals::version: 'latest'

# Set up node report storage
puppetdb::master::config::manage_report_processor: true
puppetdb::master::config::enable_reports: true

See the puppetlabs/puppetdb documentation for details on all of the settings that affect the configuration of puppetdb.