5.2.12. HOWTO Use the SIMP Release RPM Download Details Location

The latest SIMP Community Release RPMs are always available at https://download.simp-project.com/. Install it by running:

# el7 Install
sudo yum install https://download.simp-project.com/simp-release-community.el7.rpm

# el8 Install
sudo yum install https://download.simp-project.com/simp-release-community.el8.rpm RPM Contents and Actions

The RPM will do the following, which are detailed in sections below:

  • Create two yum variable files to target specific SIMP releases

  • Add the necessary repository files to the /etc/yum.repos.d/ folder

  • Add the necessary GPG keys needed to validate downloads to /etc/simp/gpgkeys Yum Variables

The SIMP Release RPM utilizes Yum variables to determine which upstream repositories you access for SIMP files. These variables are created in two files located in the /etc/yum/vars folder.

YUM Variable File



Manages the target SIMP release version


Manages the SIMP release type (production, rolling, unstable) SIMP Release Versions

The default setting for /etc/yum/vars/simprelease is the latest Major version of SIMP. The options for this file include:

Option (format)




Downloads the latest Major release of SIMP, updating to all Minor, Patch, and Iteration releases that follow for that Major release, but not upgrading to the next Major release.

6 will install the latest release of SIMP 6, upgrading everything that follows for SIMP 6, but not updating to SIMP 7.


Downloads the latest Major.Minor release of SIMP, updating to all Patch and Iteration releases in the Minor release.

6.4 will install the latest version of SIMP 6.4, 6.4, upgrading only the Patch releases, not upgrading to SIMP 6.5.


Downloads the latest Major.Minor.Patch release of SIMP, only updating if an iteration release is available.

6.4.0 will install SIMP 6.4.0, and update to any iteration updates, but not update to SIMP 6.4.1.


Downloads the specific version of SIMP, never updating to a newer version.

6.4.0-0 will install SIMP 6.4.0-0 and never update. SIMP Release Types

The /etc/yum/vars/simpreleasetype variable file controls the type of releases you want to download.

Option (exact contents of the file)



This setting will have the repos grab only fully tested SIMP releases.


This setting will have the repos grab updates to RPMs that have not yet made it into a SIMP Release, but have been tested and released individually with confidence. You can specify a Major or Major.Minor release for rolling updates.


This setting will have the repos grab all updates to RPMs in the unstable repo (This is extremely dangerous and not recommended for production environments). unstable/simp7 will become available in the future when SIMP 7 is released.

These variables allow you to control the exact updates you receive for SIMP, and provide a dynamic system that won’t need to be updated or re-installed for future versions of SIMP.


Setting these Yum Var files to invalid contents will break the repo files and prevent successful downloads. The simprelease file should only include numbers, dots, and dashes, no words or other characters. The simpreleasetype file should only include words and potentially a slash for the unstable repos.

Avoid any quotes and other characters that would potentially break the repo URLs Repository Files

The RPM will add the SIMP Community repo, as well as other necessary SIMP repo files, such as Postresql, Puppet, and EPEL. These files point to the same Release folder specified by the /etc/yum/var/ files, but access the vendor specific repositories maintained there. SIMP Enterprise Release RPM

The latest SIMP Enterprise Release RPMs are always available at https://download.simp-project.com/. You can install it as root by running

# el7 Install
yum install https://download.simp-project.com/simp-release-enterprise.el7.rpm

# el8 Install
yum install https://download.simp-project.com/simp-release-enterprise.el8.rpm

The Enterprise Release RPM includes the same files as the Community version, with added repo files for SIMP Enterprise, SIMP Console, and SIMP Scanner. GPG Keys

The SIMP Release RPM will also add necessary GPG Keys to the /etc/simp/gpgkeys folder. These GPG Keys are placed in this folder to prevent the simp-gpgkeys package from conflicting with them, since the SIMP and Puppet keys are required to download the package via yum.