5.2.10. HOWTO Modify the Puppet Cron Schedule

SIMP deploys a cron-job, via pupmod::agent::cron from the simp/pupmod Puppet module, to run a non-daemonized puppet agent to ensure compliance, over time. By default, the cron-job is run twice every hour on a semi-random interval, to ensure all agents do not run puppet simultaneously. Additionally, the cron job forcibly re-enables the puppet agent every 4.5 hours. Overriding Timing Parameters

In the example below, Puppet runs are scheduled during working hours, 0900-1700 M-F, twice every hour, in random intervals.

# Restrict puppet runs to execute only during working hours
pupmod::agent::cron::weekday: ['1-5']
pupmod::agent::cron::hour: ['9-17']
pupmod::agent::cron::minute: 'rand'
pupmod::agent::cron::run_timeframe: 60
pupmod::agent::cron::runs_per_timeframe: 2

For more information about timing parameters, refer to the pupmod::agent::cron class documentation.