4.8.5. Managing GRUB UsersΒΆ

In addition to being configured at initialization through the SIMP CLI or kickstarting via PXE boot, GRUB users can be managed by the simp-simp_grub module on both GRUB 2 and legacy GRUB systems.


simp-simp_grub is not a core module and its corresponding package, pupmod-simp-simp_grub, may need to be installed prior to following this guide.

In Hiera, you will need to include the simp_grub class and set the appropriate parameters. For both GRUB 2 and legacy GRUB, this must include:

  - 'simp_grub'

simp_grub::password: '<password hash or password>'

For GRUB 2, you will also have to set simp_grub::admin and can optionally specify whether unmanaged GRUB user accounts should be reported and/or purged and the number of rounds to use for hashing the password.

# required for GRUB 2
simp_grub::admin: '<username>'

# optional for GRUB 2
simp_grub::purge_unmanaged_users: <true or false>
simp_grub::report_unmanaged_users: <true or false>
simp_grub::hash_rounds: <integer>

After configuring Hiera, run puppet. The accounts and hashed passwords should be included in the /etc/grub2.cfg or /etc/grub2-efi.cfg files for GRUB 2 systems and in /etc/grub.conf on legacy GRUB systems.