4.10.4. Puppet Issues Puppet Deprecation Warnings

Puppet 5 has added deprecation warnings to several settings. If one of these settings is present in a host’s puppet.conf, you may see warnings at the beginning of every puppet run like this:

Warning: Setting configprint is deprecated.
(location: /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet/settings.rb:1169:in 'issue_deprecation_warning')

These messages are innocuous. The deprecated settings can still be used until Puppet 6.

SIMP’s pupmod module usually manages its settings in puppet.conf without using deprecated settings. However, under some circumstances it has no other choice, resulting in unavoidable error messages. Warning: Setting ca is deprecated.

[master] ca is marked as deprecated from Puppet 5.5.6 onward. This results in a harmless—but unavoidable—deprecation warning whenever puppet is run on Puppet masters configured to not act as the Puppet CA (pupmod::master::enable_ca: false):

Warning: Setting ca is deprecated.
(location: /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/puppet/settings.rb:1169:in 'issue_deprecation_warning') Disabling all Puppet deprecation warnings

If you are encountering an unavoidable deprecation warning and find it unacceptable, you can suppress such warnings during your puppet runs by disabling all deprecation warnings:


This will disable all deprecation warnings. If new settings are deprecated in future releases, you will not see warnings about them. This is particularly important if you manage additional puppet.conf settings. Use with caution!

pupmod::conf { 'disable_all_deprecation_warnings':
  section => 'main',
  setting => 'disable_warnings',
  value   => 'deprecations',
  confdir => $facts['puppet_settings']['main']['confdir'],
  notify  => Service[puppetserver],
  ensure  => present,

This will ensure the following setting in puppet.conf:

disable_warnings = deprecations

If you want to enable deprecation warnings again, change ensure => present to ensure => absent.