7.3.2. Tagging and Releasing Components


The intent of this section is to list the current state of the SIMP Team’s release processes. Since these processes are constantly being improved and automated, you can expect this section content to evolve as well and may be best served by reading the version from the master branch of the simp-doc repository.

This section describes the release procedures for SIMP. The SIMP Team releases:

SIMP component releases listed above are based off of an official GitHub release the SIMP Team has made to a corresponding SIMP GitHub project. In the case of a SIMP ISO, the component release tag is for the simp-core project, which compiles existing, released component RPMs and dependencies into an ISO.


The SIMP ISO includes RPMs for Puppet modules that are not maintained by SIMP. When a suitable signed RPM does not already exist for such a module (e.g., kmod Puppet module maintained by camptocamp), SIMP builds a signed RPM for that project, using one of that project’s GitHub release tags.

All modules provided by the SIMP Project, are directly sourced from SIMP-controlled repository forks. We do not pull directly from upstream sources.