2.8. SIMP 6.1.0-0

This release is known to work with:

  • RHEL 6.9 x86_64

  • RHEL 7.4 x86_64

  • CentOS 6.9 x86_64

  • CentOS 7.0 1708 x86_64

2.8.1. Breaking Changes


This release of SIMP is NOT backwards compatible with the 4.X and 5.X releases. Direct upgrades will not work!

At this point, do not expect any of our code moving forward to work with Puppet 3.

If you find any issues, please file bugs! Breaking Changes Since 6.0.0-0 Upgrade Issues

  • You MUST read the Upgrading from SIMP-6.0.0 to SIMP-6.1.0 section of the documentation for this upgrade. There were several RPM issues that require manual intervention for a clean upgrade.

    • The docs can be found at Read The Docs on the internet or under /usr/share/doc when the simp-doc.noarch RPM is installed.

2.8.2. Significant Updates Puppetserver Log Issues

You may have noticed that you were not getting puppetserver logs recorded either on the file system or via rsyslog. We fixed the issue as identified in SIMP-4049 but we cannot safely upgrade existing systems to fix the issue.

To enable log collection via rsyslog (the default), you will need to add the following to your puppet server’s hieradata:

  • rsyslog::udp_server: true

  • rsyslog::udp_listen_address: ''

By default, this file will be located at /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/simp/hieradata/hosts/puppet.<your.domain>.yaml Puppetserver auth.conf

If you are upgrading from SIMP-6.0.0-0 to a later version:

  • The legacy auth.conf (/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/auth.conf) has been deprecated

  • pupmod-simp-pupmod will back up legacy puppet auth.conf after upgrade

  • The puppetserver’s auth.conf is now managed by Puppet

  • You will need to re-produce any custom work done to legacy auth.conf in the new auth.conf, via the puppet_authorization::rule defined type

  • The stock rules are managed in pupmod::master::simp_auth No Longer Delivering ClamAV DAT Files

Given the wide spacing of SIMP releases, the team determined that it was ineffective for us to maintain the simp-rsync-clamav RPM with upstream ClamAV DAT file updates.

From this point forward, SIMP will not ship with updated ClamAV DAT files and we highly recommend updating your DAT files from the authoritative upstream sources. SNMP Support Added

We have re-added SNMP support after a thorough re-assessment and update from our legacy snmp module. We now build upon a community module and wrap the SIMP-specific components on top of it. Preparing for Puppet 5

We are in the process of updating all of our modules to include tests for Puppet 5 and, so far, things have gone quite well. Our expectation is that the update to Puppet 5 will be seamless for existing SIMP 6 installations. Non-Breaking Version Updates

Many modules had dependencies that were updated in a manner that was breaking for the downstream module, but which did not affect the SIMP infrastructure. This caused quite a few of the SIMP modules to have version updates with no changes other than an update to the metadata.json file.

In general, this was due to dropping support for Puppet 3. Long Puppet Compiles with AIDE Database Initialization

In order to expose aide database configuration errors during a Puppet compilation, the database initialization is no longer handled as a background process.

When the AIDE database must be initialized, this can extend the time for a Puppet compilation by several minutes. At the console the Puppet compilation will appear to pause at (/Stage[main]/Aide/Exec[update_aide_db]).

2.8.3. Security Announcements

  • CVE-2017-2299

    • Versions of the puppetlabs-apache module prior to 1.11.1 and 2.1.0 make it very easy to accidentally misconfigure TLS trust.

    • SIMP brings in version puppetlabs-apache 2.1.0 to mitigate this issue.

2.8.4. RPM Updates


Old Version

New Version
















2.8.5. Removed Modules pupmod-herculesteam-augeasproviders

  • This was a meta-module that simply required all other augeasproviders_* modules and was both not in use by the SIMP framework and was causing user confusion. pupmod-herculesteam-augeasproviders_base

  • Has internal bugs and was not in use by any SIMP components

2.8.6. Security Updates pupmod-puppetlabs-apache

2.8.7. Fixed Bugs pupmod-simp-aide

  • Fixed a bug where aide reports and errors were not being sent to syslog

  • Now use FIPS-appropriate Hash algorithms when the system is in FIPS mode

  • No longer hide AIDE initialization failures during Puppet runs

  • Ensure that aide now properly retains the output database in accordance with the STIG checks pupmod-simp-auditd

  • Changed a typo in auditing faillock to the correct watch path pupmod-simp-compliance_markup

  • Fixed an issue where a crash would occur when null values were in the compliance markup data pupmod-simp-libreswan

  • Fixed issues when running libreswan on a FIPS-enabled system pupmod-simp-logrotate

  • Ensure that nodateext is set if the dateext parameter is set to false pupmod-simp-simp_openldap

  • Fixed an issue where pki::copy was not correctly hooked into the server service logic. This caused the OpenLDAP server to fail to restart if a new host certificate was placed on the system.

  • Fixed an idempotency issue due to an selinux context not being set pupmod-simp-simp_options

  • Made some parameter fixes for a bug in Puppet 5 (PUP-8124) pupmod-simp-pam

  • Enable pam_tty_audit for sudo commands pupmod-simp-simp

  • Changed the simp::sssd::client::min_id parameter to 500 from 1000

    • Having min_id at 1000 was causing intermittent retrieval errors for the administrators group (and potentially other supplementary groups) that users may be assigned to. This led to the potential of users below 1000 being left unable to log into their system and was reproduced using the stock administrators group.

    • The wording of the sssd.conf man page for min_id leads us to believe that the behavior of non-primary groups may not be well defined. pupmod-simp-simp_rsyslog

  • Ensure that aide and snmp logs are forwarded to remote syslog servers as part of the security relevant logs

  • Persist aide logs on the remote syslog server in its own directory since the logs can get quite large pupmod-simp-sssd

  • Updated the Sssd::DebugLevel Data Type to handle all variants specified in the sssd.conf man page

  • No longer add try_inotify by default since the auto-detection should suffice

  • Ensure that an empty sssd::domains Array cannot be passed and set the maximum length to 255 characters pupmod-simp-stunnel

  • Improved the SysV init scripts to be more safe when killing stunnel services

  • The stunnel PKI certificates are owned by the correct UID

  • Fixed the init scripts for starting stunnel when SELinux was disabled

  • Added a systemd unit for EL7+ systems

  • Updated the systemd unit files to run stunnel in the foreground pupmod-simp-svckill

  • Fixed a bug in which svckill could fail on servers for which there are no aliased systemd services simp-core

  • Fixed several issues with the ISO build task: rake beaker:suites[rpm_docker] simp-environment

  • Fixed a bug where a relabel of the filesystem would incorrectly change all SELinux contexts on any environment files in /var/simp/environments with the exception of the default simp environment.

  • Added the following items to the default puppet server hieradata file at /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/simp/hieradata/hosts/puppet.your.domain.yaml to enable the UDP log server on so that the puppetserver logs can be processed via rsyslog by default.

    • rsyslog::udp_server: true

    • rsyslog::udp_listen_address: '' simp-rsync

  • Fixed a bug where a relabel of the filesystem would incorrectly change all SELinux contexts on any environment files in /var/simp/environments with the exception of the default simp environment.

2.8.8. New Features pupmod-camptocamp-systemd

  • Added as a SIMP core module pupmod-vshn-gitlab

  • Added as a SIMP extra pupmod-simp-autofs pupmod-simp-clamav

  • Added the option to not manage ClamAV data at all pupmod-simp-compliance_markup

  • Converted all of the module data to JSON for efficiency pupmod-simp-krb5

  • Allow users to modify the owner, group, and mode of various global kerberos-related files pupmod-simp-logrotate

  • Made the logrotate target directory configurable pupmod-simp-pam

  • Changed pam_cracklib.so to pam_pwquality.so in EL7 systems pupmod-simp-pupmod

  • Added a SHA256-based option to generate the minute parameter for a client’s puppet agent cron entry based on its IP Address

    • This option is intended to mitigate the undesirable clustering of client puppet agent runs, when the number of IPs to be transformed is less than the minute range over which the randomization is requested (60) and/or the client IPs are not linearly assigned pupmod-simp-simp_gitlab

  • Added as a SIMP extra pupmod-simp-selinux

  • Added a reboot notification on appropriate SELinux state changes

  • Ensure that a /.autorelabel file is created on appropriate SELinux state changes

    • This capability is disabled by default due to issues discovered with the autorelabel process in the operating system pupmod-simp-simp_snmpd

  • Added SNMP support back into SIMP! pupmod-simp-simplib

  • Updated rand_cron to allow the use of a SHA256-based algorithm specifically to improve randomization in systems that have non-linear IP address schemes

  • Added a simplib::assert_metadata_os function that will read the operatingsystem_support field of a module’s metadata.json and fail if the target OS is not in the supported list

    • This can be globally disabled by setting the variable simplib::assert_metadata::options to { 'enable' => false }

  • Began deprecation of legacy Puppet 3 functions by Puppet 4 counterparts. At this time, no deprecation warnings will be generated but this will change in a later release of SIMP 6. pupmod-simp-timezone

  • Forked saz/timezone since our Puppet 4 PR was not reviewed and no other Puppet 4 support seemed forthcoming pupmod-simp-tpm

  • Refactoring and updates to make using the TPM module easier and safer

  • Addition of an instances feature to the TPM provider so that puppet resource tpm_ownership works as expected

  • Changed the owner_pass to well-known by default in tpm_ownership

  • Removed ensure in favor of owned in tpm_ownership pupmod-simp-vsftpd

  • Change vsftpd to use TLS 1.2 instead of TLS 1.0 by default pupmod-voxpupuli-yum

  • Added as a SIMP core module simp-doc

  • A large number of documentation changes and updates have been made

  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you review the new documentation simp-rsync

  • Removed the simp-rsync-clamav sub-package * SIMP will no longer ship with updated ClamAV DAT files simp-utils

  • Moved the default LDIF example files out of the simp-doc RPM and into simp-utils for wider accessibility

2.8.9. Known Bugs

  • There is a bug in Facter 3 that causes it to segfault when printing large unsigned integers - FACT-1732

    • This may cause your run to crash if you run puppet agent -t --debug

  • The krb5 module may have issues in some cases, validation pending

  • The graphical switch user functionality does not work. We are working with the vendor to discover a solution

  • The upgrade of the simp-gpgkeys-3.0.1-0.noarch RPM on a SIMP server fails to set up the keys in /var/www/yum/SIMP/GPGKEYS. This problem can be worked around by either uninstalling simp-gpgkeys-3.0.1-0.noarch prior to the SIMP 6.1.0 upgrade, or reinstalling the newer simp-gpgkeys RPM after the upgrade.

  • An upgrade of the pupmod-saz-timezone-3.3.0-2016.1.noarch RPM to the pupmod-simp-timezone-4.0.0-0.noarch RPM fails to copy the installed files into /etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/simp/modules, when the simp-adapter is configured to execute the copy. This problem can be worked around by either uninstalling pupmod-saz-timezone-3.3.0-2016.1.noarch prior to the SIMP 6.1.0 upgrade, or reinstalling the pupmod-simp-timezone-4.0.0-0.noarch RPM after the upgrade.

  • Setting selinux to disabled can cause stunnel daemon fail. Using the permissive mode of selinux does not cause these issues.