6.6. Why Does Logrotate Complain About Repeated Configuration Settings

As of SIMP 6.2.0, SIMP-managed logrotate rules are now in /etc/logrotate.simp.d instead of /etc/logrotate.d. The rules in /etc/logrotate.d are still applied, but logrotate is configured to read the rules in /etc/logrotate.simp.d first.

This change was made to ensure SIMP-managed rules take precedence over vendor-supplied rules. When multiple rules are specified for the same file, only the first rule is applied. Any subsequent rules are discarded.


For some versions of logrotate, a rule with a duplicate is discarded in its entirety, even if only one of the managed log files is a duplicate. This means the remaining log files specified in that discarded rule will not be rotated!

Because the location of the SIMP-managed logrotate rules has changed, any previously existing (but now obsolete) SIMP rules will still reside in /etc/logrotate.d. Although these rules cause no issues with logrotate, they may be confusing to system administrators. So, you may wish to manually remove these rules.

The following script can be used to identify obsolete SIMP logrotate rules and they can be removed manually as necessary.

grep -rl 'managed by puppet' /etc/logrotate.d