Prepare SIMP LDIFS for OpenLDAP

Actionable copies of the LDAP Data Interchange Format (.ldif) files can be found on the system in the /usr/share/simp/ldifs directory.

Copy these files into /root/ldifs and fix their Distinguished Names:

# mkdir /root/ldifs
# cp /usr/share/simp/ldifs/* /root/ldifs
# cd /root/ldifs
# sed -i 's/dc=your,dc=domain/<your actual DN information>/g' *.ldif


Do not leave any extraneous spaces in LDIF files!

Use :set list in vim to see hidden spaces at the end of lines.

Use the following to strip out inappropriate characters:

# sed -i \
    's/\\(^[[:graph:]]\*:\\)[[:space:]]\*\\ ([[:graph:]]\*\\) \\[[:space:]]\*$/\\1\\2/' \