4.11.23. HOWTO Back up the Puppet Master

This section details the steps required to back up the Puppet master.


A default SIMP installation can use Git as a rudimentary method to back up the Puppet master. If a different method is preferred, the user must install and configure it first.

  1. Backup /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/ssl
  2. Backup /etc/puppetlabs/puppet
  3. Backup /var/simp
  4. Backup `puppet config –section master print vardir`/simp
  5. Optional: Backup /var/www

Simple Full Backup Command

# tar --selinux --xattrs -czpvf simp_backup-$(date +%Y-%m-%d).tar.gz /etc/puppetlabs /var/simp `puppet config --section master print vardir`/simp /var/www /var/simp

Simple Full Restore Command

# WARNING: This will overwrite your current system files!
tar --selinux --xattrs -C / -xzpvf simp_backup-<date>.tar.gz


This will not back up the data in the LDAP Server. That must be done separately.