4.11.24. How to Disconnect PuppetDB from the Puppet ServerΒΆ

This section covers how to disconnect PuppetDB from the Puppet Server for troubleshooting or to allow SIMP to repair the configuration.

Run the following script on the Puppet Master to stop puppetdb and restart the puppetserver process without the connection.

puppet resource service puppetdb ensure=stopped

# The following line assumes the puppet server configuration directory is
# /etc/puppetlabs/puppet (the default).
mv /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/routes.yaml /etc/puppetlabs/puppet/routes.yaml.backup

puppet config set --section master storeconfigs false
puppet config set --section main storeconfigs false

puppet resource service puppetserver ensure=stopped
puppet resource service puppetserver ensure=running


When puppet is run on the Puppet master again, it will reconfigure the puppetserver and PuppetDB to reconnect and restart the appropriate services. If you are debugging an issue, you may want to run puppet agent --disable to prevent Puppet from resetting the system while you are debugging.