Building SIMP From Source Getting Started

Please have your environment prepared as specified by Environment Preparation before continuing.

Download the CentOS/RedHat installation media:

  • SIMP_6.X:
    • Refer to release_mappings.yaml to determine the distribution ISO compatible with the version of SIMP you want to build. release_mappings.yaml is maintained the simp-core module in the build/distributions/<distribution>/<release>/<arch> directory. After You Build

You may have noticed that a development GPG key has been generated for the build.

This key is only valid for one week from generation and has been specifically generated for your ISO build.

Doing this allows you to have a validly signed set of RPMs while reducing the risk that you will have invalid RPMs distributed around your infrastructure.


If you need to build and sign your RPMs with your own key, you can certainly do so using the rpm --resign command.

The new development key will be placed at the root of your ISO and will be called RPM-GPG-KEY-SIMP_dev. This key can be added to your clients, or served via a web server, if you need to install from a centralized yum repository.

Please see the Red Hat Guide to Configuring Yum and Yum Repositories for additional information.