7.3.1. Amending Changes to Submitted Pull Requests


It is recommended that all SIMP Maintainers use the hub Git extensions and all examples in this section will expect that hub is installed and ready for use.

  1. Clone the source repo:

    • git clone https://github.com/simp/simp-doc doc


      We use git clone instead of hub clone so that we can’t accidentally push to the main SIMP repositories. While we have protected branches for the critical components, one wrong command and life can get unpleasant.

  2. Pull down the pull request (PR) as found on the GitHub GUI. The local branch should match the branch in the PR (for example, branch SIMP-XXXX):

    • hub checkout https://github.com/simp/simp-doc/pull/9999 SIMP-XXXX

  3. Review the code or make your additional changes


  4. Add a new commit with your changes:

    • git commit -a -m "I made the docs better"

  5. Set up the target repo for a push:

    • hub remote set-url -p jeefberkey

  6. Push your new commit to the feature branch of the owner of the pull request. In this example, the owner is jeefberkey, and the feature branch name is SIMP-XXXX: hub push jeefberkey HEAD:SIMP-XXXX

  7. The pull request has been updated, and participants have received an email