6.11. YUM Repo Issues

This FAQ covers various issues that relate to YUM repositories and SIMP systems.

6.11.1. Global repo_gpgcheck=1


Disabling repo_gpgcheck should only be done against repositories that you ultimately trust. Doing otherwise could allow untrusted repository maintainers to compromise your system.

More information can be found on this SCAP Security Guide Mailing List Thread.

The DISA STIG requires that the repo_gpgcheck setting be set to 1 globally on EL systems.

When SIMP is set into STIG enforcing mode using the SIMP Compliance Engine, it will automatically flip the global repo_gpgcheck setting to 1 in accordance with the STIG.

Unfortunately, this will break repositories such as EPEL and the commercial RHEL repositories.

To mitigate this, you can modify the global settings by changing the appropriate value in the yum::config_options Hash. However, doing this will show as a finding during STIG compliance scans.

Alternatively, you can update each repository that is having issues and disable GPG checking for just that repository using the yumrepo puppet resource.