4.7. Upgrading SIMPΒΆ

SIMP follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 and has the following versioning structure: X.Y.Z, where

  • X indicates breaking changes
  • Y indicates new features
  • Z indicates bug fixes.

This section describes both the general, recommended upgrade procedures for X, Y, or Z releases, as well as any version-specific upgrade procedures.


To minimize upgrade problems in your production environment, we strongly recommend you

  • Carefully read the Changelog for the version to which you are upgrading, as well as the Changelogs for any interim versions you are skipping over.
  • Test your upgrades in a development environment before deploying to a production environment.
  • Backup any critical server data/configurations prior to executing the upgrade to a production environment.
  • On each managed server, ensure you have a local user with su and ssh privileges to prevent lockout.