9.2. Public Resources

Many resources are available for getting help with SIMP. For FOSS support, as the community can handle it, you are welcome to use one of the following resources.

9.2.1. Live Chat

  • SIMP Project HipChat
    • No account is required for this room. However, if you are going to participate regularly, please consider signing up for a HipChat account as it will allow you to receive offline messages.
    • If you choose to sign up, we recommend using a modifier to your email address such as yourname+simp@gmail.com since HipChat binds your account to the group that you join.

9.2.2. Mailing Lists

  • SIMP Developers List
    • Discussion about development
  • SIMP Announcement List
    • Announcements about changes to the SIMP environment
  • SIMP Security List (security@simp-project.com)
    • A post-only alias for alerting the SIMP team to security issues
    • Use GPG Key 214BCB69 if you would like to encrypt messages
    • If members of the U.S. Government wish to report a Security issue, please send a message to this alias indicating that you wish to file a report over official channels and someone will contact you with further instructions.

9.2.3. Bug Tracking

If you find a bug, we’d like to encourage you to file a bug in our JIRA Bug Tracking system. That said, we’re happy to hear about issues in whatever manner is easiest for you.