3.3. Installing SIMP From An ISO

The benefits of using a SIMP ISO are:

  • Suitable for enclave or offline environments
  • It is the easiest way to get started and ensure that all files are present
  • Your SIMP load will have a disk partitioning scheme compatible with most security guides
  • Your system will start in FIPS mode
  • Your disks can be encrypted

3.3.1. Obtaining the ISO

The SIMP ISO can be downloaded from the official SIMP ISO Share.

3.3.2. Installation

The ISO will install on any system that supports the underlying operating system.

When you first boot the ISO, there will be a menu of options. You can either modify the installation according to those instructions or simply hit <Enter> to proceed with the automated installation.

Afterwards, you should proceed with the Installing SIMP from an ISO.