2. SIMP 6.1.0-RC1

This release is known to work with:

  • RHEL 6.9 x86_64
  • RHEL 7.3 x86_64
  • CentOS 6.9 x86_64
  • CentOS 7.0 1611 x86_64

2.1. Breaking Changes


This release of SIMP is NOT backwards compatible with the 4.X and 5.X releases. Direct upgrades will not work!

At this point, do not expect any of our code moving forward to work with Puppet 3.

If you find any issues, please file bugs!

2.1.1. Breaking Changes Since 6.0.0-0

No breaking changes should be present in 6.1.0

2.2. Significant Updates

2.2.1. Puppetserver auth.conf

If you are upgrading from SIMP-6.0.0-0 to a later version:

  • The legacy auth.conf (/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/auth.conf) has been deprecated
  • pupmod-simp-pupmod will back up legacy puppet auth.conf after upgrade
  • The puppetserver’s auth.conf is now managed by Puppet
  • You will need to re-produce any custom work done to legacy auth.conf in the new auth.conf, via the puppet_authorization::rule defined type
  • The stock rules are managed in pupmod::master::simp_auth

2.2.2. RPM Installation FOSS SIMP

sudo yum -y install simp-adapter simp Puppet Enterprise SIMP

sudo yum -y install simp-adapter-pe simp

2.4. RPM Updates

Package Old Version New Version
puppet-agent N/A 1.8.3-1
puppet-client-tools N/A 1.1.1-1
puppetdb 2.3.8-1 4.3.0-1
puppetdb-termini N/A 4.3.0-1
puppetdb-terminus 2.3.8-1 N/A
puppetserver 1.1.1-1 2.7.2-1

2.7. New Features

2.7.1. pupmod-camptocamp-systemd

  • Added as a core supported module

2.8. Known Bugs

  • There is a bug in Facter 3 that causes it to segfault when printing large unsigned integers - FACT-1732
    • This may cause your run to crash if you run puppet agent -t --debug
  • The krb5 module may have issues in some cases, validation pending
  • The graphical switch user functionality does not work. We are working with the vendor to discover a solution